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The ltah links Task Force evaluations ltah links this report are based on these qualifying studies, all of which had good or fair execution. On the basis of the evidence of effectiveness, the ltah links Force either strongly recommended or recommended nine ltah links the 14 strategies evaluated (Table.


For each intervention reviewed, the team developed an analytic framework ltah links possible causal links between the intervention under study and ltah links outcomes of interest. These outcomes were selected because they ltah links been linked to improved health outcomes. For example, the Task Force concluded the ltah links The Community Guide links evidence Guide.

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These ltah links recommendations include one intervention ltah links reduce exposure to ETS (smoking bans ltah links restrictions), two interventions to reduce tobacco-use initiation (increasing the unit price for tobacco products and multicomponent mass media campaigns), and six interventions to increase cessation (increasing ltah links unit price ltah links tobacco products; multicomponent mass media campaigns; provider ltah links systems; a ltah links provider reminder ltah links ltah links education with or without patient education program.


Time and resource constraints precluded review of some interventions ltah links communitywide risk factor screening and counseling).

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